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Melody's readings are very honest and straightforward.  Her down to earth personality and sincere approach to helping others shows she had provided great insight into questions that I have sought answers for when I wasn't tuned on or tuned in fully to my own guidance system.  She is the real deal of physics!
Glenn K.   New York

I've talked to Melody probably 4 or 5 times now and every time I leave feeling so fulfilled. The first time I met with her, I'll admit I was spectacle but her gift is so evident!! She touches on every part of my life​ answers whatever questions I may have and more often than not has told me she felt something was in my future & that "thing" ends up happening. About a year ago I also lost my nana whom I was extremely close with. I've seen Melody a couple times now since she passed and I almost anytime I ask her specific questions about topics that I would have​ talked to my nana about, she's responded with answers my nana used to give me herself or phrases literally word for word that she used to say. It's mindblowing! Anytime I feel like I'm in a rut, ​need clarity or direction in my life I call her. I don't ever foresee​​ her not being in my life now. 
Cat K. Wauconda, IL

Absolutely loved talking to her! She was very kind and made sure that everything she was saying I understood to get the most out of my reading. I loved how I felt like she enjoyed reading for me and wanted to make sure I got all of my questions answered. I definitely would have another reading with her and would absolutely recommend her!!
Tori L - San Francisco, CA

I love Melody's prompt and accurate readings.  She has a very down to earth approach, and can read people and situations well.  Her words are very soothing, gentle, and honest.  I have received many readings over the past several years to help vatidate my intuition, or to help me see a fresh or deeper perspective.
Michele from Indiania

"Melody's readings blow me away! It is amazing how intuitive she is. She is able to almost get into a person's mind and decipher what their next move will be. She has seen things that no one else could possibly know and her guidance is straight forward and to the point. I love the fact that she doesn't sugar coat things. She gets right to the point and the truth of the matter, which, after all, isn't that you look for when getting a reading about your life? I use Melody for guidance almost weekly and I've never been disappointed." - Tina

"I called Melody at a very desperate time in my life. The Angels must have guided me to her because since the first day I spoke to her miracles have been happening in my life. Melody’s readings are compelling and amazingly accurate. Her ability to translate the messages from the angels is true and straight forward and she delivers these messages with clarity, compassion and remarkable accuracy. Melody’s intuitive readings have given me such clarity during a time in my life when everything seemed so foggy and unsure. She has given me hope. Aside from Melody’s uncanny ability to be clear and ACCURATE with each reading, she has such a down-to-earth and very personable approach when she talks to you. And even uncomfortable information that Melody may receive from time to time, she delivers with honesty and gentleness that I never leave a reading upset, sad or disappointed. I believe in Melody and I know that after just one experience with Melody you will become a believer as well. Melody has been and always will be a constant blessing in my life." - Julieanne 

"This is AMAZING! My eyes were always open but now I am starting to see twinkling lites! I will look forward to this page every day!! It is Beautiful. ♥ XOXO ♥" - Jody

"Very spot on reading! Thank you so much it really resonated with me."   - Nicole

"Melody did a reading for me that was so accurate it amazed me!!! Such helpful insight from a beautiful soul. Thank you Melody! I'll be back for another for sure!" - Tina